October 26 – 27, 2023
Speaker Employer Topic
Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance
Cheryl Hyder Hyder Consulting Group Key Note Speaker – Financial Audit & Fraud Detection: Practice v. Theory
“Financial misconduct in the C-Suite! But the auditors!” This session will correlate financial misconduct to expanded audit guidance, regulation & legislation and demonstrate how the line between financial audits and fraud examinations has blurred. Certain points will be demonstrated using excerpts from real cases.(ACFE: Corporate Ethics & Fraud/Financial Transactions; COCPA: Behavioral Ethics)
Cheryl Hyder Hyder Consulting Group Professional Judgment is an Ethical Obligation:
With great knowledge comes great responsibility (credit, Ben Parker). This session will compare and contrast approaches to determining “Professional Judgment” in a credible manner compliant with professional standards while conducting a financial investigation. Explanations of how “professional judgment” was developed and other, related information will be shared from real cases.(ACFE: Ethical Decision Making & Fraud/Financial Investigation; COCPA: Behavioral Ethics)
Cheryl Hyder Hyder Consulting Group Expert Testimony: Complying with relevant rules:
Financial expert witnesses have one job: use our specialized knowledge, skills & training to communicate relevant & reliable information to the party hearing the financial dispute, in a way that’s easily digestible by (typically) non-financial persons.(ACFE: Ethics & Professional Conduct & Fraud-Law (Expert Witness); COCPA: Specialized Knowledge)
Amy Nofziger AARP Changing the Narrative: How the money is only one loss to victims:
Stop placing blame on the victims of fraud: by changing the narrative we might prevent some of the mental health problems many victims experience after these crimes, which can be both emotionally and financially devastating. Disassociating shame and blame from fraud might make victims more likely to report financial fraud which could shine on light on the crisis level of fraud in our country.
Jami Little Defense Health Agency Title of Presentation: What the Fraud Is This?
TBD FBI Computer Enabled Financial Scams/Crimes:
SSA Jared Lobato Secret Service Credit Card Crimes: skimming, skimmers, and organized crime groups committing these types of crimes. These types of crimes are contemporary, financial in nature, a form of fraud and they are ongoing and have expanded tremendously
Paul Marrinan TRM Labs Cryptocurrency: Paul’s presentation will introduce the basic elements of blockchain intelligence and how these factors can be used to investigate fraud cases. During the presentation, he will explain how to identify scams on-chain and how to trace the funds to an off-ramp. He will also show the benefit of having a specialized tool to identify potential victims of fraud in order to build a robust case against any identified suspects.
Michelle McHale Plante Moran Demolishing the Walls of Deception:
In this session, we will uncover the various types of fraud and explore the tactics employed by fraudsters to deceive and manipulate. Discover how to spot red flags, implement internal controls with a lean accounting department, and foster a culture of ethical behavior within your or your client’s organization. Real-life case studies will be dissected to provide valuable insights and lessons learned.
Kevin Donofrio KPMG Fraud Environment Update
Brad Sargent The Sargent Consulting Group, LLC Fraudulent Conveyance





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