Arvada, CO | October 26-27, 2017 | The Arvada Center

Assistant Attorney General Alison Connaughty & Kathy PriceColorado AG's OfficeReading Between the Lies - Investigation and Presecution of Complex Financial Crimes
Assistant Special Agent Lina RivieraSocial Security Admin - OIGSSA Fraud
TBDNational Insurance Crime BureauInsurance Fraud
Ike BarnesUS Secret ServiceTrends in CyberCrime
Eli Rosenblatt, CFE, CFISelfFOX IN THE HENHOUSE: CFEs & Other Trusted Professionals Committing Fraud - & TWENTY-FIVE WAYS TO SCREW UP A FRAUD
INVESTIGATIONS: Reflecting on Best Practices for Fraud Examiners and Investigators

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2017 Annual COCFE Fraud Conference contact information:

ACFE Colorado Chapter 
PO BOX 280987
Denver, CO 80228